Corporate and Group Fitness & Wellness

Eric with Moses Znaimer at Idea City 2018. Photographer Gene Driskell/ Flickr
Corporate guest Speaker. Photographer Gene Driskell/Flickr

Corporate & Group Fitness and Wellness

Inspire and Empower Your Team!

We know many corporate representatives and event organizers are looking to bring their employees together during this time where most are working separately and in isolation at home and everyone is dealing with the stress of adapting to everything that is going on during this pandemic.

Virtual Fitness classes are excellent vehicles for bringing a community together as well as for addressing and improving the wellness and health of fellow employees, regardless of what industry you’re in. 

What better way to break up a long day of Zoom meetings, than some fun together getting fit?

I am thrilled to be offering Corporate Fitness & Wellness classes, fully customizable for your organization or group, offered either as one-time events or as part of ongoing wellness offerings to your employees!

Fitness & Stretch Breaks are Good For Business!

Many studies have been done on the benefits of Exercise and Stretching and the impact they can have on employee health and company-wide performance.

With conclusive evidence we know that regular exercise and stretching significantly improves physical wellbeing and performance, mental focus, mood, and overall energy levels. 

More organizations are turning on to the fact that fitness classes are an integral part of a successful corporate wellness program.

Regular fitness creates less stress:

~ with many workers today spending much of their workday sitting at a computer screen, neck, back, and wrist and arm fatigue are major contributors to workplace stress and fatigue.

My Classes Can Help:

  • Fix the common physical problems from sitting at a desk or imbalances caused by repetitive tasks
  • Improve morale and team harmony
  • Greatly improve concentration, focus, memory, and problem-solving skills 
  • Promote mindfulness and self-control
  • Reduce stress, increase resilience, and connect with one’s inner calm
  • Exhilarate and relax
  • Serve to counter depression and dissipate stress
  • Improve sleep
  • Lower both cholesterol and blood pressure levels when done regularly

Through Virtual (Zoom) and/or In-Person group classes, Actions Speak Louder Fitness & Nutrition, provides corporate groups with diverse options of workouts for all ages and abilities, including desk workouts, kettlebell, boot camps, kickboxing, core workouts, stretch breaks and ChairFitness workouts.

Eric was invited by Moses Znaimer of Zoomer Media Ltd. to lead the first ever Chair Stretch break at his Idea City Conference in Toronto, Canada in 2018. Check out a clip from the stretch break!

Actions Speak Louder can be booked to lead groups, seminars, or staff for a one time gig or for ongoing wellness or fitness sessions/classes.

In Person or Virtual Classes for Seniors’ Homes or Active Aging Groups

Eric has years of experience leading seniors in energizing, fun, safe and effective ChairFit, strength training and Aquafit classes.

You can book me to lead classes at your residence, condo, meeting room, pool, or even outdoors within the GTA.