Free Home Workout Videos

*Disclaimer: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone and this or any other exercise program may result in injury. Any user of our exercise videos assumes the risk of injury resulting from performing the exercises. We advise you to check with your physician before beginning any new exercise routine.

Free Home Workout Videos

Toronto’s top level personal trainer and group fitness/bootcamp instructor, Eric Savva will give you a huge selection of free home workout videos that you can do in the comfort and safety of your own home.

We have real workouts for real people!

No glam, no soft lighting, no special effects editing. We have classes and exercises for everyone!

From bodyweight workouts, calisthenics, Chairfitness classes, balance and mobility classes to high intensity interval training, core/abdominal workouts, upper body, lower Body, and total body routines, we have workouts to suit all ages, all abilities and all fitness levels!! Burn fat, gain muscle, get the heart pumping and break a great sweat all in the comfort of your home.

Check out a sample of free home workout videos here on this page- Just click on the title of the class to see the video. More home workout videos on our Youtube channel HERE.

ChairFit / Seated Home Workout Videos:

Time to work that upper body! 💪 This seated upper body only workout with hit your chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps and core. All you need is a sturdy chair or wheelchair and light dumbbells (1-3 lbs)! If you don’t have dumbbells you can also use cans or filled water bottles.

Get ready for this workout!! Eric calls this the world’s hardest Chairfitness workout! It’s a super sized version of the original Get up/Get down Chairfitness Workout, except it’s nonstop with 15 extra minutes of exercises, including a Tabata at the end. All you need is a sturdy chair or bench and some light weights.

Eric and Jill will lead you through a chair fitness workout that will not only work your body but train your mind! While most everyone knows that exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle; improving our heart health, endurance, strength, flexibility and bone density, did you know that it also can improve your brain function? Neuroplasticity is the brain’s own way to adapt to changes caused by illness, injury or the environment: It is a natural re-education of the neurons to modify messages received by the brain. The process of learning new exercises like those Eric & Jill are demonstrating today, is a valuable technique used by those who are aging as well as those with neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease.  Research is showing that exercise such as non-contact boxing, where you focus on agility, speed, patterns, endurance, hand-eye coordination and strength, can help improve neurodegenerative disease symptoms such as tremors, rigidity, stiffness, slowness of movement and poor balance. Programs such as Rock Steady Boxing base their exercises on this research and have been helping people with Parkinson’s disease fight back against their symptoms. Eric’s Combo Coordination Workout today takes you through 5 different combo sets. All you need is a set of light weights and a sturdy chair. This workout is a great way to get both your body and your brain moving!! 

Get ready to work hard with this seated, upper body-focused cardio boxing/self-defense and weight training workout (or as Eric likes to call it, the “Patio Season Self Defense workout in case it gets too crowded work out!”🤪)

This seated cardio workout will get your heart rate up! Go through 5 different sets of exercises and finish off with a Tabata. Light weights are optional.

Combination 2-for-1 Classes! ~ CHAIRFIT + STANDING LOW IMPACT Home Workout Videos(Eric shows the workout seated, while Jill shows the workout standing):


Here is Jill’s total body dumbbell burnout workout 💪

Although it’s only 15 minutes, this compound exercise workout is a real fat-burner. For each of the 8 compound exercises incorporating upper body, lower body and core, you will complete as many reps as possible (AMRAPS) during 1 minute of work, followed by 30 seconds of rest.

Challenge yourself with this full body workout using just one dumbbell! Eric takes you through three rounds of 10 exercises to work your entire body. 💪 Exercises will include sumo squats, goblet squats, plank rows, Turkish get-ups and more! You may want to start with a 5-10 lb. dumbbell and go from there until you find the right weight for you. “One dumbbell to rule them all!!”

Want to learn proper technique for 8 basic dumbbell exercises and get in a good beginner workout? Join us as we take you through 3 sets of 10 reps of 8 different exercises. Learn proper form for Biceps Curls & Triceps Kickbacks, Bent Over Rows & Chest Press, Superman & Shoulder Press, and Lateral Raises & Front Raises. Exercises are done in supersets of 2 complementary exercises.

What’s a strip set?! Join Eric as he takes you through a total body strip set workout. (No, he does keep his clothes on for this workout if you are wondering… LOL!)


These bands are available at Dollar Stores now so no excuses about not having a gym to workout at this time! Bands can take the place of dumbbells, kettlebells and even cable machines.

Jill and Eric guide you through a Total Body circuit using bands! 15 reps each of 20 exercises with one bonus exercise at the end if you have somewhere to anchor your band. 1 circuit of the exercises is shown, but of course, if that’s not enough, you can do another round or two! The Workout: 1. Front squat 2. Split Squat L & R 3.Stiff legged Deadlift 4. Lateral Shuffle 5. Flys 6. Upright Row (*keep thumbs above pinkie fingers to avoid weighted internal rotation of the shoulder) 7. Bent Over Row 8. Lateral Pull Down (Both arms) 9. Single arm Lat Pull Down L & R 10. Band Pull Apart – overhand grip 11. Band Pull Apart – underhand grip 12. Over and Back Keep Apart 13. Chest Press – both arms 14. Single Arm Punches alternating 15. Biceps Curls – ins and outs 16. Triceps OH extension – L & R 17. Wood Chopper Low to High – L & R 18. Clean to shoulder – L & R 19 Shoulder Press – L & R singles 20. Clean & Press – L & R singles * Bonus: Pallof Press – L & R sides

Here’s Jill’s ULTIMATE beginner “How-To” Theraband Workout for Upper Body & Core. (Seated and Standing options available!) We’re keeping it simple with 10 exercises with 10 reps each. Do one round or two and you can increase or decrease # of repetitions depending on your fitness level. Choose light, medium or heavy resistance Theraband. THE EXERCISES: 1. Lat Sweeps 2. Rows 3. Flyers/Pull Aparts chest level 4. Chest Press (both arms first and then a set of 10 with single ‘punches’) 5. Biceps curls 6. Triceps press downs 7. Overhead Press – single arm 8. Bent-over Rows 9. Front Raise/Side Raise combo 10. Palloff Press (chest press, circles, Overhead press)

Eric’s got an upper body workout – this time, using mini bands! If you don’t have a miniband, you can also tie a resistance band / theraband. Start your day off strong with this workout 💪

Equipment needed: sturdy chair; theraband, light strength band or mini band; small soft ball like a dodgeball or small cushion 👉 Work out: Try 10 repetitions of each exercise. Add more reps as each exercise becomes easier. Try the circuit once, twice or even three times through! Warm-up: Bodyweight * knee marches * side toe taps * V-Toe taps * V- toe tap with heel drags (hamstrings focus) * Toe & Heel raises * Windshield Wiper toe taps * Knee lift/ leg extension with toe point/ flex foot/ lower leg/ heel drag With Ball or Cushion: * Ball squeezes (adduction) With Band: * Band pull apart with knees (abduction) * Leg Press * Resisted Knee raises * Glute Squeeze Pulses (prepare to stand) * Resisted Sit-to-Stand (deadlift using band) * Resisted Leg Extensions


Eric Savva and Jill Moreash give you a no equipment workout with wall squats, step ups, burpees and more. Prepare to sweat and use those legs and your whole body for this circuit!

Eric Savva and Jill Moreash take you through The Every “Gear” Leg Workout. You’ll hit those slow twitch, fast twitch, agility and isometric exercises with this workout. You only need an Agility Ladder but if you don’t have one, you can make one using painters tape or draw it out using chalk!

We will teach you the basics and take you through this quick Beginner at home lower body & core workout. 5 sets of 5 reps of 5 exercises Equipment needed: -A sturdy chair or bench – 2 dumbbells or water bottles or soup cans Exercises: 1. Sit to stand squats (DBs at shoulders like a front squat) 2. Split squats (with or without dB ) 3. Stiff-legged deadlifts (with weights) 4. Calf raises (with or without Wts) 5. V sit knee tucks We take you through 5 sets of this circuit. Start with one set and work your way up to 5 sets as you get stronger! We show you HOW TO do each exercise, then take you through a warm up before this 8 minute workout. Finish off with some cool down stretches. If you want just the workout, it begins at 8:45​ mins.

You can have a fantastic lower body workout with just this one piece of equipment and a wall. Swiss balls allow you to develop balance and good posture. Using either a large or small Swiss ball, give this workout a try to give your legs a superb challenge. Exercises include single leg balance, deep squats, wall squat hold, and roll-back lunges. This workout will strengthen your lower body, targeting the quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings.


Eric Savva and Jill Moreash take you through a super challenging 20 minute Intermediate CORE workout that will hit all of your abdominal muscles, back muscles and chest as well. Featuring exercises like Star crunches, Turkish sit-ups, proper sit-ups, Superman to push up combo and Russian twists. Equipment needed: just a weight for the Russian twists. A dumbbell, Kettlebell, laundry jug or even a weighted backpack will work!

This video is a 2-for-1 core on the floor workout! the first Super quick workout consists of 8 core exercises, 30 sec each, so you will be finished in just 4 minutes! Stick around for part two or just skip ahead to Minute 8 to do a little longer core workout. 10 core exercises, 10 reps each, and you’ll be finished in just over 8 minutes. Everyone has either 4 or 8 minutes to work on their core!!

Eric Savva and Jill Moreash give you a fantastic core workout with a single strength band. It’s 20 minutes long, featuring Pallof presses and it’s variations. You can do this workout daily to strengthen your core, reduce your chance of injury and improve your athletic abilities!

Eric Savva and Jill Moreash give you a standing, no equipment, abdominal workout that is sure to make you sweat and work your core!


Jill Moreash and Eric Savva give you an easy to follow Kickboxing Workout that will get your heart pumping! No gloves are required. Be sure to stay ’til the end for some Strength Training with Dumbbells! You can substitute with soup cans, laundry jugs, anything to add a little extra weight!


Jill Moreash and Eric Savva take you through 10 functional fitness exercises to strengthen balance and help with fall prevention. Equipment needed: sturdy chair, stairs or Step, a soup can or cone as a marker.

Equipment needed: sturdy chair; theraband, light strength band or mini band; small soft ball like a dodgeball or small cushion

Jill Moreash and Eric Savva give a Functional Strength Workout designed for seniors in the kitchen! Get your Costco bags out and your sparkling water! We’ve got a new recipe in the kitchen for your body this time!

Who doesn’t have 10 minutes for a quick Back to basics bodyweight workout? Jill and Eric will take you through the whole workout with explanations of how to do each move, then a quick warm up, followed by one set of each of 10 basic exercises. Stick around for a cool down stretch after we finish. If you just want the workout, it’ll take under 10 minutes!! Just the workout begins at 13 minutes in. Exercises done include jumping jacks, squats, split squats, stiff-legged dead lifts, Superman /push up combo, leg raises, ankle reach crunches, shoulder lift crunches, bridges and Russian Twists.


Check out our fat-burning, heart-pumping, H.I.I.T. bodyweight workout! This workout has 16 exercises broken up into 4 back-to-back Tabatas. We show 3 different modifications for each exercise, so Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced exercisers can all participate. No equipment needed: just some space, a water bottle, probably a towel and if you are a Beginner, you can use a sturdy chair or table for incline versions of the floor exercises. *NOTE: Some audio has been cut out by YouTube d/t song copyright issues

Try to keep up with Eric as he leads you through 5 sets of 15-25 push ups, 50 Jumping Jacks, then 5 Burpees. The challenge is to get each set done in under a minute so you can rest for any remaining time. Every time you do this workout, you will get stronger and faster. As always, you can modify with push-ups on your knees, modified jacks and burpees using a chair for hands instead of going all the way down to the ground.

Need a fun way to get your steps in? Jill Moreash and Eric Savva say that these Agility Ladder drills are it! Jill will take you through 15 Exercises at 1 minute each with a 10 second break between each move. If you don’t have an agility ladder at home, you can create your own using tape or chalk


Eric Savva and Jill Moreash want you to ‘find your center’! It’s time to work on that balance with Eric’s BOSU Balance Training Workout! Balance training is important to help coordinate muscles in unstable conditions in our everyday life. This will help improve balance, body awareness, stability, coordination and activate your core.

Ready for another Balance challenge? Time to flip your BOSU and do this workout on the flat side! Work on your balance and strengthen your core with this workout to help improve your body awareness and stability.

~ Always wanted to know how to perfect your form when doing a RAW DEADLIFT from the proper stance & hand grip to technique? Watch and follow Eric as he takes you through start to finish.


Idea City Conference Guest Trainer with Moses Znaimer:

~Eric was invited by Moses Znaimer to lead the First ever SEATED STRETCH BREAK at the 2018 IDEA CITY conference in Toronto, ON. He led the crowd in a stretch break, teaching easy ways to stay fit, using a chair! Check it out below!

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