Eric Savva & Jill Moreash

Hello, I’m JILL MOREASH, and together with my partner, ERIC SAVVA, we are ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER FITNESS & NUTRITION!

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER is a Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, and Group Fitness Training business in Toronto, ON., Canada, providing both ONLINE and IN-PERSON training, coaching and classes.

“We provide individualized fitness & rehab training, nutrition guidance and a mix of both accountability and community that strives to make fitness and health a valued and enjoyable part of your life, rather than a chore.”

As 50-somethings ourselves, we specialize in helping maturing men and women of all abilities, take charge of their health so they can live longer, healthier, stronger and more energetic lives. We also work with children who have a wide array of disabilities and benefit from specialized, one-on-one physical training.

Everyone deserves to enjoy an ACTIVE, HEALTHY, VIBRANT Life!

Where this Started…

After years of working as the top sought-after trainers in the world class, fully-inclusive facility, Variety Village/Variety Ontario, with clients of all ages and abilities, we decided to make the shift to our own business. (Covid-19 just gave us that little push!)

Outside of our facility, we saw that there is often no clear guidance or help for people who not only want to recover from injury, or better deal with symptoms of a diagnosis, but also want to continue to get stronger, leaner and fitter and push their bodies beyond what they had done before.

Clients are often worried about starting a personal training program given their history of injury, diagnosis, disability or lack of activity, and we know that most trainers lack the experience or education required to help.

Eric and I are on a mission to help the world get stronger and healthier and we have done the certifications, the research and the applications of which exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes can make the most effective differences to our own and our clients’ health.

With both of us being Personal Training Specialists, Group Fitness Instructors, Mindful Movement Active Aging Specialists, Healthy Aging Researchers, and me, a Certified Exercise Nutrition Coach, we created ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER to help maturing clients and clients of all abilities Take Action to Take Back their health.

Age is just a number! We help our clients feel GOOD in their bodies again!

Certified Personal Training Specialists / Certified Exercise Nutrition Coach PN1 / Group Fitness Instructors ~ Kickboxing, ChairFitness, Aquafit, Older Adult Strength, CoreFit, Bootcamps / Navina Thai Stretch certified / Agatsu Kettlebell / Mindful Movement Active Aging Specialists / Chek Institute Scientific Stretching

Super Senior / Active Ager!

We bridge the gap between physical rehabilitation and personal training, helping clients get into shape while addressing previous injuries, symptoms of diagnoses, and weaknesses.”

Boxing helps develop neuroplasticity of the brain!

“All of our clients have one thing in common – they drastically underestimate what their body is capable of.  We are here to help our clients not only reclaim their health, but give them confidence in what their body can do and in the way it can look and feel”

Training session for client successfully recovering from brain injury

Client Testimonials


“I knew that training from home would be a challenge, but it was necessary to keep moving in order to help me keep not only physically, but also mentally healthy. Jill is definitely the perfect coach for this. She has the right combination of push, patience and encouragement. She is very adaptive to the materials/equipment and space at hand, as well as my individual needs.
After a few months of working together, three mornings a week, I am very happy with my progress and feel assured that with her continued training and motivation, I will continue to get good results and attain my goals.  For me, working from home virtually with Jill is a keeper!” ~ Cristiana Costa
“I am a senior and I want to do everything I can to get to and maintain a high quality of life, physically and mentally. Jill has far exceeded my expectations of how a personal trainer could help me in achieving and maintaining these goals. Jill is very good at assessing a client’s limits and making sure those limits are met in every session. If I think I’m done but Jill suggests a few more reps, I do the reps and she is always right. Jill has a seemingly infinite portfolio of sets with many different pieces of equipment – (including boxing routines which are exhausting but very rewarding) – and she is always encouraging.
Short story. I started with personal training to get in shape for hip replacement surgery. I had the surgery in January 2019 and I was skiing in BC 6 weeks later. I owe a lot of that to the focus Jill brought to our sessions to build up leg/core. I highly recommend Jill as a personal trainer.”
~ Eric Ferguson, Lawyer
“I have been working with Eric for the past two years. If you want to have an idea on how much I value his personal training services, I currently have him train me 6 days per week for 90 minute sessions.I suffer from M.S. (for the last 20 years) and have mobility issues. His Personal training has greatly improved my mobility, allowed me to lose weight and has decreased and even reversed the severity of my M.S., which is rare with my condition.I don’t feel like working out some days but I need to and he shows up.
The 3 things that you can depend on in life is death, taxes and Eric Savva showing up for your workout.”~ Karin Collins, Owner/Operator KitchenDivas,
“I started working with Jill three years ago and, thanks to her, I have transformed my life! Jill has taught me so much about functional exercises, boxing, and weight lifting. Her weekly workouts have made me fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been. She is supportive, encouraging, and flexible as she is able to modify workouts and exercises on the fly.
Jill is a constant inspiration as she models a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition. Deciding to work with a personal trainer was one of the best decisions of my life!”​~ Vicky Kennedy, Teacher

We know things change as we age.

Believe us, we know!! We’re in our 50’s… need we say more?!

Often, the exercise routines and nutrition habits we maintained in our 20’s and 30’s just don’t seem to be working anymore.

Hormones change, muscles don’t respond as well, bones and joints weaken, we often have mounting stress in our lives, sleep is elusive and the pounds keep piling on in our middle sections despite few changes in our exercise or eating habits.

And then there’s also perimenopause and menopause for women to deal with as well… Not fair, right?!! We agree!!

Lucky for you though, at ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER, we are all about helping you SIMPLIFY your workouts, nutrition and lifestyle habits.

We believe in Real workouts and Real Food for Real People who want Real Results!

TRX rows
wheelchair boxing training
Bosu balance trainer
using a hand bike
battle ropes
mud run obstacle course start

You may feel like you don’t have time to exercise, cook more healthfully or improve your sleep and stress levels, and we get it. Life is busy! But our goal is to help our clients find ways to fit movement and healthy lifestyle practices into their lives as simply as possible, with easy to follow, actionable steps, that will last a lifetime.

And we are with you every step of the way, providing just the right amount of motivation and accountability that you need! We choose our training and nutrition programs with a focus on safety, proper technique, effectiveness, and most importantly, individualize them for our clients’ specific goals and needs. Our coaching will teach you how to eat and move well consistently for the rest of your life! ( not just the next 20 days…)

Do you find yourself nodding or answering “yes” to any of these questions…

  • Have you had an injury that you are still trying to rehab after giving up on physio ages ago?
  • Do you wish that your activities of daily living were easier?
  • Have you found that your balance or strength is not what it used to be?
  • Have you started to recognize that taking action isn’t all about being vain, rather being around to be active and present for your family (be it partner, kids, or (future or current) grandkids)?
  • Do you have symptoms from a diagnosis that are getting more and more difficult to manage on your own?
  • Ever found yourself wheezing like you’ve just run an Ironman after climbing a flight of stairs, or carrying your groceries from your car to your home?
  • Have you found clothes fitting snugger and snugger each passing year, all in the “wrong” areas?
  • Have you found yourself losing the wrong kind of weight and feel you are getting weaker?
  • Were you shocked the last time you stepped onto the scales (or actively avoid doing so?)
  • Have you been discouraged by a boring training plan or restrictive diet in the past, and thought that “dieting” & “training” just aren’t for you’?
  • Are you tired of ‘yo-yo’ dieting, losing weight quickly (while eating nothing but spinach and dust?!), all to just gain it back and more as soon as you went back to real life?

If so? Then now is the time to do something about it!

And here at ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER, it’d be an honor to be able to help.

~ Nobody else will take the action for you, so …

If you are waiting for a SIGN, This is IT!

All of our clients have one thing in common ~

they drastically underestimate what their bodies are capable of.

We are here to help clients just like you, not only reclaim your health, but give you confidence in what your body can do and in the way it can look and feel!

Now is the time to address injuries, aches and pains, symptoms of a disability, reclaim your health, and get into shape. The longer you leave it, the harder it will become. And it will never be easier than right now.

So let’s get you started…