Eric Savva


ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER is a Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, and Group Fitness Training business in Toronto, ON., Canada, providing both ONLINE and IN-PERSON training, coaching and classes.

“I provide individualized fitness & rehab training, nutrition guidance and a mix of both accountability and community that strives to make fitness and health a valued and enjoyable part of your life, rather than a chore.”

As a 50-something myself, I specialize in helping maturing men and women of all abilities, take charge of their health so they can live longer, healthier, stronger and more energetic lives.

Everyone deserves to enjoy an ACTIVE, HEALTHY, VIBRANT Life!

Where this Started…

After years of working as a top sought-after trainer in the world class, fully-inclusive facility, Variety Village/Variety Ontario, with clients of all ages and abilities, I decided to make the shift to my own business. (Covid-19 just gave me that little push!)

Outside of my facility, I saw that there is often no clear guidance or help for people who not only want to recover from injury, or better deal with symptoms of a diagnosis, but also want to continue to get stronger, leaner and fitter and push their bodies beyond what they had done before.

Clients are often worried about starting a personal training program given their history of injury, diagnosis, disability or lack of activity, and I know that most trainers lack the experience or education required to help.

I have done the certifications, the research and the applications of which exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes can make the most effective differences to my own and my clients’ health.

As a Personal Training Specialist, Group Fitness Instructor, Healthy Aging Researcher, I created ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER to help clients of all ages and abilities Take Action to Take Back their health.

Certified Personal Training Specialist / Group Fitness Instructor ~ Kickboxing, ChairFitness, Aquafit, Older Adult Strength, CoreFit, Bootcamps / Navina Thai Stretch certified / Agatsu Kettlebell / Chek Institute Scientific Stretching

Super Senior / Active Ager!

Training session for client successfully recovering from brain injury

Client Testimonials


“I have been working with Eric for the past two years. If you want to have an idea on how much I value his personal training services, I currently have him train me 6 days per week for 90 minute sessions.I suffer from M.S. (for the last 20 years) and have mobility issues. His Personal training has greatly improved my mobility, allowed me to lose weight and has decreased and even reversed the severity of my M.S., which is rare with my condition.I don’t feel like working out some days but I need to and he shows up.
The 3 things that you can depend on in life is death, taxes and Eric Savva showing up for your workout.”~ Karin Collins, Owner/Operator KitchenDivas,

Real workouts and Real Food for Real People who want Real Results!

TRX rows
Bosu balance trainer
battle ropes

I am with you every step of the way, providing just the right amount of motivation and accountability that you need! I choose my training with a focus on safety, proper technique, effectiveness, and most importantly, individualize them for my clients’ specific goals and needs.

Does this sound like it could work for you? Then now is the time to get started!

And here at ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER, it’d be an honor to be able to help.

~ Nobody else will take the action for you, so …

If you are waiting for a SIGN, This is IT!


Contact me:

1 416 829-4512 Eric

102-121 Trudelle St.

Scarborough, ON M1J 3K4