Personal Training with Eric

We should all have confidence in our body, both in the way it looks and what it is capable of.

You may be dealing with symptoms from a diagnosis (MS, Parkinson’s, CP, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, etc…), have suffered an injury, gained weight, or been through a period of inactivity.

You want to get fitter, stronger and leaner, but you are unsure how to get started and worried about re-injury or worsening symptoms.

I’m here to help you regain that confidence and rebuild your body!

How we work together is up to you..

In Person Training

Eric works with a select number of clients on a one to one basis in the GTA, ON, usually in his studio, a client’s home or local park.

This is perfect for clients who want a focused, in person approach to training, who value their time and privacy, want to avoid overcrowded gyms and want to ensure they are learning safe and effective technique to remain injury-free.

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Online Training

It’s often not logistically possible for us to work together in person, but when a focused one to one approach is still needed, online training is perfect.

Online training via video link enables regular sessions regardless of location (or lock downs!). The same 1-on-1 individualized attention to technique and safety, but in the comfort of your own home.

Train with Eric Savva

“If you want to live at a higher level, you have to move at a higher level.”

~ Eric Savva


“Greetings! When I am not personal training, I teach Aquafit and Chair Fitness classes, along with outdoor Bootcamps. I also instruct group fitness for Toronto Rehab’s TIME Program, a program that helps with rehabilitation for people recovering from mobility impairments such as neurological injuries and joint replacement surgery.

My sport of choice is Weightlifting. I have competed in the Canadian Masters championships and won gold medals in the 69kg division. I’ve also competed in the Pan Am Masters Championship and received the bronze.

I believe in an active lifestyle and taking personal responsibility for your own health. I exercise every morning, some days are easy and some are hard but I keep going because in the end I know the lifestyle will pay off.

In my 50s, I have a vested interest in longevity, along with human performance, and apply as much scientifically proven information as possible with regard to diet and nutrition in my lifestyle. I pass much more than theory along to my clients. I lead by hard example.

My clients are doing great! Take a look at a couple of our more recent training sessions: