~ We have VIRTUAL Classes on Zoom Year Round, and IN PERSON Classes held Locally in Spring, Summer & Fall

Virtual boxing training
Fall outdoor Bootcamp circuit training in Scarborough, ON

Ok guys! Who is in need of some FITNESS MOTIVATION and FUN?

We know with gyms being closed for what seems like forever, many of us are getting bored with trying to find YouTube fitness videos to exercise to, or trying to figure out our own workouts.

We know many people have even just given up after falling out of their routine. 🙁

How many days have you THOUGHT about exercising but just didn’t get around to it?

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER has a solution for you!!

You can join us LIVE via Zoom for GROUP FITNESS CLASSES year round or join a Live, In Person GROUP FITNESS CLASS when the weather is warmer.

We show you what to do, actually do the work out with you, and keep you motivated to keep going!

When you join a class, you are making a commitment to yourself and to others to ACTUALLY SHOW UP.



ChairFit / Low-Impact

Eric & Jill in action doing a ChairFit / Low Impact class!

Mondays & Thursdays at 9:30 am EST

~ Join us for a Fun, Modifiable, Energizing Group Fitness Class!

You can choose to do the workout standing or seated or 1/2 and 1/2!

Option 1) Standing Low Impact with Jill

Option 2) Seated * with Eric leading:

*Just because it’s seated doesn’t mean you won’t sweat!! ChairFit is a great option for those with injuries, back pain or mobility concerns.

Equipment Needed:

  • sturdy chair or small, clear space
  • light dumbbells (1-3 lbs) or soup cans
  • water
  • device to stream virtual Zoom class

Here are some of the benefits our participants are getting from our classes:

  • Increased flexibility and strength. Bone density and muscles weaken as we get older so it is important to exercise to keep active and maintain strength.
  • Increased coordination. Learning a routine and the repetitive nature of the exercises is great for brain neuroplasticity
  • Increased circulation. This also means a faster healing of injuries and wounds, faster sickness recovery time, greater lung capacity and much easier mobility.
  • Reduced risk of falls because chair based exercises improve posture and balance.
  • Increased confidence and self esteem.

We have a fun, dedicated, welcoming group of participants in this class!


A Zoom link will be sent to you the night before your class

Body-weight Bootcamp

Jill & Eric in action during a Bootcamp class!

Wednesdays 6-7 pm EST

Let us do the planning for you and lead you through a 60-Minute, total body, functional workout, designed to work the upper body, lower body, and core ALL IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME!

Our Virtual Bootcamps are such a fun way to get it done!

We’ll guide you through:

Kickboxing, HIIT and Tabatas

~workouts emphasizing both cardio & aerobic fitness as well as

strength training ~ the best of both fitness worlds!

You will not only break a sweat, helping you to torch calories & fat, but you’ll also condition your heart, all while activating every major muscle group.

And more muscle = less fat!

Yep, firm it up and expect calorie crushing cardio blasts so you can actually see that muscle you are working so hard to build.

*We show modifications for exercises so don’t worry if you feel you aren’t quite ready to jump back into a Bootcamp type of class.

Equipment Needed:

  • a small space
  • water
  • yoga mat or small carpet/towel for floor work
  • light dumbbells or two soup cans
  • device to stream virtual Zoom class

Our enthusiastic, dedicated, Bootcamp team would love to welcome even more participants!

“It’s so motivating to ‘see’ new friends each week and work out together, with live instructors to keep you moving!”


A Zoom link will be sent to you by Wednesday morning

Make the Commitment to yourself to JOIN TODAY!

Still not sure if either of these classes is right for you? Let’s chat and see!

You can check out some of our ChairFitness and other fitness class VIDEOS on our Actions speak Louder YOUTUBE channel to see what our classes are like and how we teach them


Strength band single arm chest press in action
Bootcamp Group Class in local Toronto park Fall 2020
Battleropes waves in action

Group Training – In Person

Minimum 8 people 60 minute classes

Outdoors, Spring, Summer or Fall ~ 3 seasons to train together with friends outside at a designated location!

Previous Bootcamps have been held on Sunday mornings at 11 am, at a local Toronto park

Battleropes, kettlebells, Bosu, strength bands, boxing station & more!

Circuit Training, Bootcamp style!

Just $10 CAD per person!